Maine Metal Roofing Contractor

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Maine Metal Roofing Contractor

Since being established in 1978, Fairbanks Metal Roofing is well known for our high quality design/build standing seam metal roofing solutions. We are the  Maine Metal Roofing Contractor to call. We utilize the most modern technology today to provide outstanding value in todays long lasting standing seam metal roof systems.

Our metal roofing panels are fabricated on site from coil stock to custom fit every roof situation.This elliminates waste, saves time and money which we pass on to the homeowner. We also have a full service metal fabrication shop where we can custom build all of the metal roof accessories-chimney caps and collars,drip edge,rake trim, ridge caps & skylight flashings.

There are many benifits of owning a Fairbanks Metal Roofing designed double locked, standing seam metal roof system including:

Superior Materials – Having tested material offered by a number of different suppliers, we are confident in the quality paint and finish of the 24 & 26 gauge galvalume metal provided by Everlast, Sheffield & Englert.
Long Lasting – Metal roofing lasts at least 2 times longer than asphalt shingles and will most likely be the last roof system you will ever install on your home.
Maintenance Free – Metal Roofing is designed to withstand Maine’s extreme winter climate relative to snow and ice accumulations.
Strong & Durable – Metal Roofing’s proven ability to withstand high wind conditions and is fire resistant.
Ease of Application – In many instances,metal roofing panels can be installed directly over the existing asphalt roof saving stripping time and disposal fees.
Sustainable – Metal roofing contains significant recycled content and at the end of its useful life the material is 100% recyclable.
No Exposed Fasteners – Fasteners are hidden beneath the metal roof panels.
Warranty – Fairbanks Metal Roof Systems are covered by the manufacturer’s 35 year warranty as well as our 20 year no-leak workman-ship warranty.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]